Tree Consultation

Tree Consultation

Are you new to Grand Junction? Has your yard never had a tree checkup? Did you move here from somewhere with a totally different climate and don’t recognize anything growing in your yard? Or maybe you recently purchased a new home and the trees can use some TLC.

At Alpine Tree Service, LLC, we offer $50 tree consultations in order to assess the health of the trees on your property. One of our ISA Certified Arborists will walk the property with you to identify what types of trees and shrubs you have and assess their health. We will make recommendations for trimming, tree removal, plant health care, and stump grinding and can suggest types of trees that do well in our high desert climate.

We can also determine if your trees are suffering from disease, drought stress, or an insect infestation and recommend a plant health care regimen that will help get them as healthy as possible.

Our tree consultation services include:

  • Identifying what type of trees and shrubs you have
  • Assessing health of trees and shrubs
  • Suggestions for trimming or removal and stump grinding based on a variety of factors including health, location and age of the tree
  • Expert advice from well experienced ISA Certified Arborists
  • Competitive pricing
  • Proof of insurance upon request
  • Referrals upon request

If you schedule tree work during the consultation, the $50 fee will be waived. Consultations differ from estimates in that estimates are for customers who know their trees need work and are ready to schedule the job. With consultations, customers are looking for help in identifying what trees they have and assessing the health of the trees to determine what, if anything, needs to be done.

Chuck is an honest tree guy and will tell you if he thinks your trees are in good health and do not need to be trimmed or to be removed. Call us at 970-243- 9222 to set up your consultation or fill out the Estimate Request Form.

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