Plant Health Care

Plant Health Care

Professional Tree Treatment in Grand Junction, CO

Unfortunately, many of the trees in the Grand Valley suffer from the extreme conditions that our high-desert environment places on them. In order to combat this, proper plant health care (also known as “tree treatment”) is necessary. The number one way to ensure effective plant health care is by approaching it preventatively instead of as a reaction. Winter watering, mulching, and strengthening treatments (fertilization, plant growth regulators, etc.) are all tools that can and should be utilized to see the best results in your trees around the Western Slope.

Our team of PHC technicians can treat and recommend courses of action for all trees both native and introduced in the area. Whether it be through bolstering their natural defenses through fertilization, growth regulators, and improved moisture retention; or ridding them of destructive pests through pesticide soil drench and/or systemic injection. Alpine Tree Service has an answer for your tree health issues any time of the year. Alpine Tree Service is a CDA licensed chemical applicator and the Plant Health Care Manager, Brandon Kanwischer, is also an ISA Certified Arborist, a TCIA Certified Tree Care Specialist, and is a City Council appointed member of the Forestry Board for the City of Grand Junction.


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We want to go above and beyond an educated guess. Through utilization of our PHC laboratory, we are able to analyze and diagnose some of the most elusive diseases affecting trees in our area. From Cytospora Canker to Ash Bark Beetle infestation, Sudden Needle Drop Disease to Spider Mites, Rhizosphaera Needle Cast to Thyronectria Canker, Alpine Tree Service has you covered. We strive to be the best for our customers and look at the hard evidence whether we have to acquire it through chemical analysis of a soil sample or through observation of a leaf sample at 200x magnification. Our plant health care team will keep you updated each step of the way ensuring you know not only what we find, but every possible way we can help your trees.


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We Offer All Major Drenches, Sprays, and Injections

Whether you are trying to protect your Ash tree through an Emamectin Benzoate injection, rid your Pine trees of scale with a Dinotefuran trunk spray, or give your young newer trees an extra systemic boost with an Imidicloprid soil drench, our team of PHC Technicians can do it all! We strive to do everything we can to mitigate the most severe pests, fungal, and bacteria issues attacking your trees while also working to maintain the health and safety of the beneficial organisms present in and around your property.

Our team has had its greatest successes through implementation of our various preventative treatments and cultural improvements that we offer. These include our drenches of growth rate regulators like Paclobutrazol, our deep root fertilization options that cater to the soil of your specific site, and our mulching options to protect and aid your tree’s roots and surrounding soil.

Our track record speaks for itself. Call us anytime for comments, questions, and referrals!




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